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Dear Members,

We had a most friendly and productive meeting in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and missed greatly those of you who were unable to come. I am glad to announce that we are growing, with the incorporation of the new individual members Frank Suzzoni from Corsica, Luca-Gionata Zannino from Italy and Oliver Klott from England. Progetto Divenire from Torino and CISSPAT from Padova joined the Founding Social Member Instituto de Psicoterapia e Investigación Psicosomatica, from Madrid, as new Social Members.


 As you know, this was a joint meeting with the International Congress of Science and Meditation. We were very pleased by the high recognition of our autogenic approach among other forms of meditation, and gratified by the formal invitation of Claudio Naranjo, Founder of the SAT (Seekers After Truth) program, to present Autogenic Abreaction at their coming meeting in Tuscany. In the same vein, Helen Gibbons, always full

of zest and generosity, offered to initiate steps to open the teaching of Autogenic Abreaction in Australia, great news for the expansion of the third level of autogenics.

 The scientific program was wide and rich, with landmark presentations from Grimaldi, Zannino, Palladino, Suzzoni, Hernandez, Gomez-Utrero, Gibbons, Klott and O´Hagan, among many others. Luis Hernandez, always conscientious and untiring, is now compiling and editing the papers, so that we all can have access to them.

The need to promote basic research on the neurobiology of the Autogenic State was widely recognized. Prof. Gonzalez-Mora, an international leader in Brain Imaging and Chairman of the Department of Physiology at the Medical School of La Laguna University, offered his installations at a nominal cost to conduct this research. He has already done similar work for Sahaja Yoga meditators.

We are now recruiting a group of volunteers with at least two years of uninterrupted daily practice of basic autogenic training, and you are welcome to participate if you so wish. To this date, only one brain has been visualized in the autogenic state (mine), which is clearly not enough to claim scientific validity, but suggests some increased activity in interesting brain regions.

With respect to clinical research, Juan Francisco Vigueras and Alejandro Torrealba presented their project, sponsored by the Cancer Institute of Canarias, for the treatment of women with breast cancer with standard autogenic therapy. ISATAP is proud to join the Cancer Institute of Canarias and the University of La Laguna in the sponsoring of this project, brainchild of our founding member Juan Francisco Vigueras.

From the business-organization point of view, ISATAP is registered as a Non-Profit Professional Scientific Association in the Spanish Register of Associations, (Grupo 1º/Seccion 1ª/ nº 607408). The Board was re-elected, to include a new treasurer, Tomas Fidel Gomez Mena, and representatives from HUNGARY, Eva Czimmermann, and BRASIL, Hilda Gomes de Matos. The Code of Ethics, drafted by Helen Gibbons, pending for approval at the next meeting of the Board was very well received. The translation of the official manual for Level 1, available only in Spanish and Italian, was unanimously recommended, as it was the reactivation of the third training level, autogenic abreaction. A committee to work in our constitution was launched, formed by Luis Hernandez, Walter Orru and Philippe Nubukpo. To keep communication up, we opened a Facebook account, managed by Oliver Klott

In summary, this was a very fruitful meeting and a wonderful occasion for renewing friendships, strengthening ties and promoting new work.

With very warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Luis de Rivera, MD, PhD, LMCC, FRCPC, FAAPDP
President, ISATAP 

Luis de Rivera (President); Luis Hernandez (Secretary); Tomas Gomez Mena (Treasurer). AUSTRALIA Helen
Gibbons; BRASIL Hilda Gomes de Matos; ENGLAND Lucy O´Hagan; FRANCE Philippe Nubukpo; HUNGARY
Eva Czimmermann; ITALY Marilla Malugani, Walter Orru, Luciano Palladino SPAIN Rosana Mainar Sancho



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The International Society for Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy was founded on September 20, 2014 in Madrid, in order to open the autogenic approach to a wider membership.