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 Autogenics 3.0


Autogenics is the new way to personal enlightenment and psychosomatic health. Based in medical research initiated by JH Schultz in Germany and continued by W. Luthe in Canada and by Luis de Rivera in Spain, autogenics trains the basic brain functions needed for personal development and psychosomatic health. This book is useful for new learners of meditation and for seasoned practitioners. Many students of mindfulness have benefited from autogenics to improve their regular technique. The autogenic methods of Sensory Meditation and Feeling Meditation easily enables the practitioners of Samatha and Vipassana meditations to learn and train the two basic mental processes of Passive Concentration and Passive Acceptance, described by Autogenics. This is a practical psychotherapy book, based on the most recent medical and neurobiological research. Following the lineage initiated by J.H. Schultz in Germany and continued by W. Luthe in Canada, Luis de Rivera presents the latest advances in Somatosensory Meditation and Feeling Meditation. The new Autogenics 3.0 greatly improves the ease and efficacy of the original Autogenic Training and is the most efficient way to personal enlightenment and psychosomatic health. Prof. Luis de Rivera, MD, is a specialist in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, former Professor at the universities McMaster-Canada, LaLaguna-Tenerife, and Madrid-Autonoma. President of the International Society of Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @luisderivera


Readers reviews:

- Dr Heinrich Wallnöfer, 27th August 2017

"Autogenic training, a path which is both viable and successful for the Western world

I believe it is essential that Prof. Luis de Rivera, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and specialist in autogenous training, with all connections to the East, is already I.H. Schultz at an early stage, finds a "western" path that includes the Eastern cultural heritage, but is also applicable to Western man and his ancestral culture. If Buddhism wants to severely restrict the relationship as such, because it causes a fundamental suffering, we need a relationship with Western people to unfold. We can learn a lot from the Buddha, but we should take our roots, especially those in Greece, Not to be ignored.

The "somatosensory," the physical, the relationship of the soul and the body, and vice versa, is particularly important, especially in autogenic training, and is also improved by the procedure.

One can follow and document what is happening with the autogenous training with the most diverse measuring instruments. The founder of the AT, the "passionate physiologist" I.H. Schultz, has already known many things that can be proved today.

The autogenous method, according to Schultz and Luthe, by Rivera, is an even safer way to one's own, unmistakable self, a step towards self-realization for the insecure person of our time, which can only be welcomed.

I would like Autogenics 3.0 to have a lot of success and to spread as widely as possible, if possible also translation into other languages. Above all, German, French and Italian would be offered".



- Dr Isidro Pérez Hidalgo, President Scientific Hypnological Society, 6th July 2017

"Autogenic Training for the 21st Century

Dr. Luis de Rivera is one of the world's leading specialists in Autogenic Training. The term Autogenics 3.0 assumes an approach of what in principle could be considered a methodology of self hypnosis to the Meditation. The original system of Schultz is reformulated by de Rivera giving it a dimension that from the therapy extends towards the personal development.

The author manages to expose a simple body of knowledge, which currently has the support of neuroscience, making an arduous material into an understandable scheme and, what is better, applicable.

This book is recommended both for connoisseurs who want to go deeper into the subject and for those who are starting now. Doctor de Rivera makes a brilliant and amusing exhibition of points that, with the current knowledge that has taken us Psychology and Medicine, become fascinating. I especially liked Chapter 10 where he refers to the "Inner World", where he focuses on brain mapping and highlights the importance of brain interhemisphericity.

At the end of his writing, he promises an upcoming book, continuation of it; No doubt, will be well received".



- Dr Luis Hernández, 25th June 2017

"An essential book for all meditators

Every one interested in Meditation, Mindfulnes or/and Autogenics, either novice or expert, should read this book. In a language easy and comprehensible for everybody, Not only identifies and clarifies the essentials common points of ancient and modern meditation, but also tell the reader how to advance step by step into Autogenic Meditation, from propioceptive to feeling meditation. All of it supported by a sound scientific basis (includinding recent own RNM-f research) and an extensive bibliography.
In conclusion: Amazing book, strongly recommended".



Dr Salvador Harguinday, 3rd August 2017

"A fundamental book for therapists, meditators, psychologist and psychiatrists

This book is a most useful text that integrates different approaches to meditation in order to achieve the necessary inner transformation to change negative emotions and suffering into positive feelings and personal growth. The author is a world leading specialist in Autogenics , an increasingly popular method to help others, or help oneself, to overcome psychological and psychospiritual crises. A fundamental book for therapists, meditators, psychologists and psychiatrists. Also a most valuble complement to other methods such as to mindfullness, coaching, etc".




- Ian Ross, Scotland, 27th September 2017

" Informative and Wonderful Book

After reading this book, I am delighted to review it, because it takes Autogenic Training (developed by Schultz) to new levels. Luis de Rivera, having studied with Luthe – himself a colleague of Schultz – has over the last decade or so taken the original Autogenics 1.0 to a deeper and in my opinion more profound level, by adding four new exercises to the sequence.
Having placed Autogenic Training (AT) firmly within the ancient traditions of Meditation (going back to ancient Indian yoga practices and philosophy), he adds two further Meditative practices. I have been teaching and practising AT for over twenty years, and for the last two months have adopted de Rivera’s approach; this has resulted in new insights into both the new AT sequence, and two further forms of meditation that he suggests. These matters are discussed in lucid terms, despite his own language not being English.

In the new, ten Standard Exercise sequence, de Rivera places the breathing exercise at the end. This initially surprised me, yet I now see it see as a profound change. Practising in this way has deepened my understanding of his concept of “live-experience”, which is his approximate translation of the Spanish concept “vivencia”, for which there is no equivalent in the English language. Vivencia at times embraces a sense of the numinous, which can be enhanced, and realised, in some forms of meditation / AT.

I warmly recommend this book, particularly to Autogenic Therapists, Buddhist psychologists, Meditators, those who have completed a basic AT course and wish to deepen their practice, and to anyone interested in human well-being."


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The International Society for Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy was founded on September 20, 2014 in Madrid, in order to open the autogenic approach to a wider membership.