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 Prof. Luis de Rivera returns in this way to his beginnings: to the McGill University where he met his master, Wolfgang Luthe, and where his path in Autogenic Therapy began. 
 Tuesday, Sept 19 - 12 h, in the South Seminar Amphitheatre MUHC

The Amplified States of Consciousness in Therapy: A specific attentional task activates brain systems promoting psychophysiological relaxation, problem-solving, trauma resolution and creativity. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Know how to self- induce an amplified state of consciousness
  2. Understand the differences between Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness and Autogenics

 Friday, Sept 22 – 11 h,  Allan Memorial Institute, South Seminar Room (P1082)

Autogenics 3.0 – The new way to mindfulness and meditation

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the common ground of all meditation/mindfulness methods
  2. Know the current status of Autogenic Training & Autogenic Therapy


Following the success of the Chiavari's ISATAP World Congress of , we continue to spread Autogenics among health professionals.

At the European Congress of Psychotherapy (, June 28 to July 1, in Barcelona, there will be ​​two Autogenics Workshops:

  • June 28th at 16:00h, "COHERENCIA CARDIACA AUTÓGENA", by Dr. Luis Hernández.
  • June 29th at 17:30h, "AUTOGENICS: THE PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY", by Prof. Dr. Luis de Rivera.

You're welcome to Barcelona!

tabs researchers tenerifeSome researchers and volunteers in TenerifeTABS is the acronym of Tenerife Autogenic Brain Scan, an ambitious Project born during the last ISATAP II World Congress (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, September 2015), fulfilling the mandate given by 2nd ISATAP General Assembly in its point 10: “…to promote lines of research and the drafting of research protocols.”

It is conducted by a team of investigators with two heads: Prof. José Luis González Mora, chief of fMR (functional Magnetic Resonance) in La Laguna University, and Prof. Luis de Rivera, ISATAP President.

During the first months of 2016 was the Design Period, in 23-27 May there was the Data Capture Period, in which the brains of 14 volunteers, most of them ISATAP Members, were scanned with fMR while practicing Autogenic Training.

During the experiment, the volunteers lived in two pretty houses facing the sea in paradisiac Tenerife Island, and had a lot of time to talk about our passion: Autogenics.

Now is underway the Data Analysis Period… And we are excited about the results because this type of research has never been made before with Autogenics. We’ll continue to keep you informed!

We are glad to announce the Course to be taught by ISATAP President Prof. Luis de Rivera, next 24 of June (whole day) in Torino, Italy, with the name Autogenic Meditation (advanced technique). It's Organized by Prof. Luciano Palladino, Board Member of ISATAP, and Director of Progetto Divenire, the Center accredited by ISATAP where the Course will be held.

2016 06 24 CursoMeditacionAutogena Torino

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The International Society for Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy was founded on September 20, 2014 in Madrid, in order to open the autogenic approach to a wider membership.